• Brand positioning within market framework
  • Brand identity into tangible objects
  • Cross platform design consistency – product, UX/UI, graphics, packaging, crowd funding.


  • Cohesive product definition, all stack holders inputs included.
  • Project facets alignment: time tables, budget, production feasibility.
  • Assigning and heading per project teams of experts.


  • Product components into a manufacturing framework.
  • Product configurations & styling.
  • Complete Manufacturing portfolio & production oversight.

About Us

We are Syntax Design Integrators, Adi Alfia & Ayal Aran. Consumer electronics is our main focus . That is where we get to undertake the most interesting and rewarding challenges. Along the years we have incorporated into our creative process insights of business, technology and human/machine interaction. We share these insights with design students and colleagues. We put it to use in service of our clients.

We have had the privilege of tackling many IOT and Wearable projects early on in our professional life. In almost all of them, establishing the right relationship between the physical & digital, is one of the main challenges .We specialize in striking that balance. We see the market rapidly changing and expanding, demanding our knowhow and a fresh outlook on new possibilities and changing user habits.

Case Studies


We believe a good product designer is a good integrator – someone who can craft a design process by weaving insights from all relevant fields – business, technology, psychology. Our experience shows it is the best way for an efficient development process and an excellent outcome.

We help startups ,who usually lack manufacturing know how, bridge this critical gap with years of experience of getting the job done. Our experience in consumer products helps us guide B2B oriented companies in penetrating the consumer market.


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