Biocuff is a noninvasive sensory device that monitors the user’s various blood parameters, such as oxygen, potassium and glucose.It revolutionizes the life style of diabetics, replacing the conventional blood test with a pain free solution.
3D Visual language corresponding with Google’s material design
Product Design. Early on in the design process, the BioCuff’s design attributes were defined as a combination of two worlds – Consumer electronics & Bio-Med.The product’s colors comes from the medical arena, while the shape and a certain design flare brings it close to consumer goods.
R&D. in order to define the various user scenarios and their psychology, a number of individuals wore different watches & bracelets with the product’s prototype in different situations. It was concluded that biocuff  must be as hidden as possible, both physically and mentally. Therefore –  it will be totally app operated so the user could actually “forget” he or she are wearing it.
App. The product’s users are diabetics. The data presented on the app might be critical. It might even save their lives. That means the app must be simple, coherent and intuitively perceived . To achieve that, we kept functionality at the top, while keeping animations and other flamboyant features to a minimum.
Production & Assembly. A lot of design thinking was invested in simplifying production & assembly. After physically testing various configurations, we managed to reduce production complexity and still fully maintain our design look & feel.
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