Pro Diagnostics MX3
Aimed to lead the automotive diagnostics field, the MX3 uses state of the art hardware and intuitive design experience to deliver a smart, easy to use device, including all standard communication protocols & conference calls capabilities.
Setting the finest details on a robust skeleton
Match the Setting. Both Aesthetics & mechanical design were crafted to compliment the high-end auto shop environment. Robust appeal and slick from factor are met with highly durable materials and all-around fluids resistance solution.
Mechanical design. Hardware complexity and sheer weight required a lot of creativity. An aluminum chassis was designed in order to provide structural strength to touch screen and printed boards assembly. A unique, internal heat sink prevents the system from overheating.
Details. As a product designed to work along great looking cars with highest attention to details, no detail was too small to attend and improve.
Ergonomics. Ergonomics was key to this product, since it is constantly hand held through the diagnostics procedure. Through the use of various, multiple mockups , and a great deal of trial and error, we were able to establish the particular proportions, curves, gripping areas and handle design.
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