The Unique structural design & firmware  of this keyboard Allows gamers to use different keysets for different games. Over 100,000 SHIFT  Keyboards were sold worldwide, joining the STEELSERIES family of quality keyboards.
Artist concept realized to the last rivet
Usability. A keyboard might be considered an extension of our hands. As such, it should offer an intuitive and simple operation & interface. The Shift’s design revolves around that theme, emphasized by its detachable, swappable keysets.
Brand.  As this project kicked off, SteelSeries had already successfully launched numerous gaming keyboards worldwide. It has been a well known brand. The task at hand was to create a design language that complimented the rest of the brand keyboards, while taking it a step forward.
Manufacturing. The 2 years journey to make ‘Shift’ a reality included supervision Over manufacturing  of all parts & assemblies, down to the last rivet. It was a hands on effort,  taking place at different manufacturing sites while collaborating with Numerous local vendors.
Integration. Mechanical design & electronics engineering were exceptionally intertwined in this project. A plastic latch ensures physical alignment between the keyset & keyboard base. At the same time,  the latch also ensures a robust electrical connection between these 2 components.
Detailed Attention. As true believers in the holistic approach, a great deal of effort was put in designing the “hidden” areas. The bottom & back of the product are as well thought of as the more visible areas.
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