One of the first fitness\health wearables, SPORTRACKER uses an IoT infrastructure (Device-App-PC) to deliver real time, highly accurate vital signs feedback.
Harnessing  IOT infastructure to rethink fitness activities
Corresponding app. Developed  by ‘UI Human Factor’, one of the biggest digital design houses in Israel. In 2010, the early days of  wearable’s the UX/UI  team  hade to pave the way in wearable apps design. dealing with constant motion and differing lighting conditions, they used contrasted colors and enlarged  display icons.
Bio tech. An advanced SOC (system on a chip), measures only 7 X 7mm, combines state of the art PPG technology – Heart rate and vital signs sensors with excellent performance . The  SOC is highly effective even during the most intensive activity and on outdoor environment.
Designed for action. As a product made for physical activities and one that is used in motion , the design goal was to encapsulate the dynamic nature of these activities. We focused on the forward vector theme to do so.
No minor issue. Rarely do we get to design a product that can easily fit into one’s paw. We approached it like Jewelers with the at most attention to details, so it would be as striking in close inspection as it is in first sight.
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